Through letters ‘written by’ the characters, these pages will gradually develop to outline the story of  William Denicher- Heath and a whole host of characters, fictional and real, mingled with the rich history and folklore of mid-nineteenth century Guernsey.

Born in London in 1814, William Denicher Heath was 21 before he knew of his connection with Guernsey. He arrived on the island in the summer of 1835 as the Seigneur of the Fief de Denicher, and his introduction to Guernsey life had begun. When published, the novel will feature the characters and situations described in the ‘letters’ but in a traditional novel format.

On this website I’ll also be posting many of the images, maps and other items of interest that I’ve discovered as I’ve researched the novel, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Guernsey is my family home, although I currently live in London, and I hope to share the rich heritage of the island with you.

St Peter Port - The Quay 1826